(Big Mana City)

Surroundings, Population

The city itself sits right next to an inlet, backed by mountains, with only one curved outer wall. Locals often call the city “Big Mana City” to jeer at the mages who do not pay any mind to anyone but themselves.

In total, there are 800 mages, 2200 skilled workers, and 6100 unskilled workers living inside the city itself, for a population of 9100. Outside the city, there are about 9700 villagers and townsfolk working the newly created farms and settlements on the outskirts of the city and the surrounding area. The city is ruled by a greater and lesser council consisting of the Head Council, comprised of 5 archmagi, and the Council of Mages, an appointed group of 30 magi, 6 for each archmage.

Mana District

The Mana District sits on a giant stone disk (referred to as simply “the Disk” by locals) supported by a single column levitated by massive ioun stones. It sports shops of magic, a mage academy, and is the place to perform experiments on all things arcane with few repercussions for morality. There have been rules set on things such as necromantic experiments: although unintelligent undead servants are not illegal to keep on the Disk, intelligent undead are still deemed an affront to the souls of the dead and a dangerous path for magic. About 500 mages and 600 craftsmen work or study on the Disk, with the craftsmen usually living elsewhere.

Alchemy District

The Alchemy District is just below the Disk, due to its association with magic. It has fallen on hard times, however, as before Arcanus entered this world, alchemists were effectively conscripted into the military to defend against the goblinoid hordes. Few alchemists remain, and aren’t effective enough to revitalize the district. About 1800 people live in this district.

Market District

The Market District is comprised of the upper class of the city; merchants, skilled workers, and the better off peasantry live here. Trade goods are brought here for the poor and wealthy alike to purchase. After entering the world, it has seen an economic boom in demand for supplies to settle new land and construct new buildings and fortresses. 2200 people live here.

Slums District

The Slums District occupies half of the city’s area, and the majority of its inhabitants are unskilled workers or those unable to work. There has been some effort to bring wealth to the district by disillusioned mages, but the large population of uneducated workers is difficult to appease with so little change. 4000 live here.


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